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Investment Philosophy

Like many of our investors, we endeavor to build something that is both lasting and bigger than ourselves. Our mission is to create an investment business that brings value to everyone with whom we work and hopefully makes the world we inhabit a better place by doing things the right way. We believe this requires patience, discipline and of course a lot of hard work. 


Some of the ideas we try to bring to our investing mentality are:


  • Maintain a patient and opportunistic mindset, waiting for the right investment opportunity


  • Target businesses that have the potential for strong free cash flow generation and growth


  • Seek out unique opportunities not sought after by others, where little competition exists


  • Partner with exceptional managers and create incentives that reward stakeholders for success


  • Invest in businesses that we can thoroughly understand and bring industry knowledge and expertise


  • Limit risk and create value in good markets and bad by not overpaying for assets and insuring levers to create upside value are in place

  • Limit risk by targeting businesses with recurring and/or contracted revenue, significant barriers to entry or market leadership within industry segments

  • Focus on long-term investment horizon in lieu of short-term results for maximum value creation

  • Help portfolio companies solve problems and achieve excellence by giving management teams access to capital and strategic advice as they grow

  • Bring intellectual curiosity and creativity to everything that we do

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