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About Ranch Creek

Ranch Creek Partners, LLC is a private equity investment firm focused on acquiring control positions in private and public companies in the middle market.  We target businesses that we can thoroughly understand and have the potential for significant free cash flow generation and growth.  Our generational approach to investing combined with a contrarian philosophy enables us to invest in complex or unusual situations, unlocking new opportunities that most investors would overlook or avoid altogether. 


Ranch Creek's approach to building long-term value leverages our deep industry knowledge and creative investment approach to drive value in our portfolio companies. We strive to deliver superior investment results for our partners while limiting the risk of permanent loss of capital by partnering with world class managers and industry partners to grow our businesses over time, whether organically, through acquisitions or a combination of both.   


Finally, we expect to achieve our goals with integrity, transparency and an insatiable intellectual curiosity which fuels our investing process as a true passion.

Investment Philosophy

We believe there is no free lunch in investing. Success comes through strong relationships, patience and hard work.

Transaction Criteria

While we are opportunistic in our approach to deal selection, we are adamant in building upon a foundation of solid businesses combined with outstanding management partners.

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